Talakaji Launch

Hey dolls I was happy to experience the Talak fashion clothing line Launch event last night at London Bridge

The brand officially changed their name to Talakji which stands for T which is the beginning of the girls first letter of their names and Alakaji as their surname

The sisters who first started in 2013 actually called the brand TP Fashions before it was changed to TALAK and now Talakaji

The show started late. By 8pm.

At 8.30 there was a trumpet player who serenaded the audience for 20minutes.

Drey cheekz performed a mash up song about the brand Talakaji which she mixed with 2 other songs,

The second song was an RNB song very slow tempo, the crowds were quite drawn to her voice and she kept the audience engaged through out her performance


The venue was very small for the amount of guests that attended the show, at least 25 guests had to stand as there were not enough chair and also a place to put chairs for the guests to sit, which put a negative stamp to the event

However. There were refreshments through out the night, such as canapés and drinks, and a mirrored photo booth for the guests to partake in which was supplied by Booth Spot @boothspot

Nigotruths performed 3 spoken word pieces which really took the audience by surprise. And also the guests participated in his last spoken word piece which was about 5 different fathers in the world from a young adult’s perspective.

Sam a Talakaji team member spoke about fashion, a segment in the event, called “Fashion Talks”, which spoke about cultural appropriation. Which is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture Ky members of another culture he gave examples of Kim and Kylie Kardashians, NiqoTruths and another member of the audience were involved in the discussion on is cultural appropriation then wrong OT right?

He was unable o finish his talk as there was not enough time so his talk was cut short.

The collection

The collection has ten different print styles for both men and women

One of my favourite from the collection was the pupa red print and the caterpillar which was worn by the host Bisi

One of the fabrics in the collection was inspired by a building in nigeria called Lago

The collection was also inspired by the fact the three sisters always dressed up in blazers and formal wear this inspired them in creating their collection

Dj Ritz was the dj for the event and Bisi the host

Moelogo performed his 3 famous tracks but the sound through the mic was unfortunately horrendous but he still put a great performance regardless of the mic not giving off feedbacks throughout his performance

Moreover the event was a great success the guests enjoyed the performances by each artist and also loved the different fabrics from the collection the night ended with an after party where the guests partied till the early hours of the morning

Look out for their website which was officially launched last night.


Moelogo- Artist


The Talakaji Triplets with their models on stage




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