It was lovey attending Koby Martin’s Boy in the field art exhibition at Brick Lane london, were I got to meet the artist himself and also had a pleasure of him talking through his paintings and how they came about

This exhibition was inspired by a collection of artworks by Koby. He created the prime objective of shedding light towards his struggle of being an immigrant within the UK and the hurdles he has had to face to overcome, it is also a celebration and acknowledgement of the important people and events in the history of the African diaspora during the Black history month.

The inspiration for this exhibition was coined from the concept of slavery, where the slaves spent long hours in the field harvesting cotton.

There were different types of slaves, such as field workers and house slaves or servants. Most worked as field hands on cotton plantations, men, women and children did back-breaking  work in the cotton fields, clearing land, planting =, tending and harvesting cottons.

Koby tries to explain his contribution to both music and the art industry over the past 7 years as an immigrant within the UK.

Therefore in each painting using black children as the subject of his works, Koby metaphorically captures the imagery of what he experienced whilst going through  the challenges with the immigration .

The boxing gloves worn by each subject in the painting symbolically represents the fight Koby fought to earn his right to continue to be in the UK to purse his dreams as an artist

All paintings are available to purchase through his website http://kobmart.bigcartel.com/


Anything for Mama


Knock Out




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