CROWN Paint SS18 Review 

Thank you to Crown Paint company for inviting me down to their SS18 event in london, I had an amazing time seeing their new colour palettes and experiencing how each colour for SS18 was created

Crown SS18 consisted of three concepts which are; Linear, Bloom and Provocative, each one relates to the moods and personalities of an individual or company.

My two favourites colours from the new collection has to be; rose gold and dusty matte gre


Linear. Imagine the low light of dusk casting long shadows and you capture the spirit of linear n

This trend gives fresh meaning to Bauhaus

The greyed palette combines watery blue with muted pinks, giving the appearance of being diffused by a subtle haze

The palette is then sharpened with neat black lines that bring linear into focus


This trend is plain and honest with its intention it seeks to provoke

Provocative is a bold reaction in colour form, the striking combinations push and pull against one another to create something original

In the spirit of artistic murals that adorn the walls of east london, this is similarly a form expression

Artist DD Regalo

Artist DD Regalo is an artist from Canada and Portugal collaborated with Crown . painted the flowers canvas on the wall which was absolutely beautiful, he used colours from the ss18 collection and crown paint colours


Garden and outdoor paints and ideas

The garden and outdoor paints comes with brand new  shades of colours such as black, green, yellow and many more, these can help to bring more colour and personality into your outdoor

You can either paint the plant pots, the wooden logs, wooden benches or your shed with the new outdoor range


Bloom is the romantic token of nature at its most magnificent, with fresh floral tone. On a long spectrum from lovely lively greens to deep-seated pinks and purples

Let us bask in the bounty of nature

Ideas on how to use bloom colours around the house could be by either painting the frames or vases, bed boards chairs or creating a canvas for the living room

Below are examples of how you can use bloom colours

Big thank you once again to Crown for inviting me down had a lovely time

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