A Boy from Tandale- Diamond Platinumz Interview

So I had the wonderful pleasure to sit down with Diamond Platinumz while he was here in London, we talked about how he feels to be in London, to have his first headline show in December 17th, his new album “A Boy From Tandale”, his collocations with international artists. Such as Omarion, Rick Ross and finally ho he feels with his family being in the spotlight


Check out the interview below

Camille: How is your stay in the U.K going so far?

Diamond Platinum:  its cold, but i am

Camille : Yes, you came straight from Tanzania the nice hot heat, while over here it is cold and wrapped up wearing, the woolies and all sorts

Diamond: It’s cool I like it here

Camille: You are always swagged out, from head to toe, you and the Mrs’s who is your stylist?

Diamond: I dress myself, i just look in the mirror in the morning and put things together

Camille: Please let us know about your concert you have coming up, because this is your first headline show?

Diamond: it has been like three years, since i performed in London, and I consider this as my first performance because I tried my best to make sure it is on point, I will be performing with my band, dancers, with different sets on the stage, so I can not wait as I love performing and I want to give the people something they have never experienced in one stage and my fellow musicians will be joining me

Camille: I know you have your new album that is about to drop as well , are you going to be playing some of your new tracks for the fans?

Diamond: I think I will be playing some of my new tracks FROM “ A Boy From Tandale”

Camille: Speaking of your new album are you, who did you collaborate with, can you name 2 of them?

Diamond: I have Rick Ross, Omarion, and Davido, oops i named more than three


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