Men in Power Series: Jaye Parson, Celebrity Designer & Culture Influencer

So I have decided to start men in power series also because I received a few emails and comments regarding the women in power interview I did with Mervielle the model, that I should also incorporate men.

I took on board your comments and today I had the pleasure to have a chit-chat with Jaye Parson, a man of many many artistic talents, you may have seen his work across social media and also on stage with the dopest celebrities i.e: Erykah Badu and more.

Jaye is changing the way we see fashion by his innovative designs and stepping out of the norm, check out our interview below.


Happy NewYear. and it is finally great to have you on our first Men in Power series. How are you today?

I am fine thank you feeling positive.

Last year was a very successful year for you and your brand 

What would you say was the highlight of 2017? 

Meeting Ericka Badu. It was a very magical moment and at that point, I knew I was doing the right thing. I designed her a customise biker jacket and met her backstage while she was on tour. She liked the jacket and cried.

Jaye x Erykah Badu Tour Back Stage
Erykah Badu Jacket made by Jaye

And what are you looking forward to for 2018

More art. More influence and brand awareness. To continue.

How did you get your idea or concept for your fashion business?

Being around music, the industry and it’s something I have always done naturally. So I can’t tell you why or where it’s second nature. It’s just what I see.

How did you know this is the career for you? And what made you go forth and chase it?

I didn’t know this was the career for me. This one time it was the day I returned from living in Canada for a year. Beginning of 2017 Jan I got invited to an after party in central London Mayfair it was Sremmurd after party and at the time they have a no.1 single with Black Beatles and they were on tour in the UK. Fresh off plane I get ready to go out long story short at the party good vibes good to see faces I haven’t seen before. Towards the end one of the members of Sremmurd on the way to the bathroom. He was drawn to my jacket and asked me where I got it from. At the time I was just making customised jackets for myself I had no idea to turn it into a business but one of the dude from the band liked the jacket and wanted one. So I thought I will bring him one. Didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I said yes and he invited me to the second day of the party and I would come and bring a jacket. So I bought the jacket the next day he tried it on he took it and asked me for my Instagram and he said he will promote it. The next day I woke up to new followers and where to get the jacket from. he wore it on his tour and pretty little thing commercial and the rest is history.

What made you choose this type of business?

It chose me. As in my previous answer.

What is unique about your business?

I believe I create jackets for men that woman love. I think with my jackets and my art I feel like I tick so many boxes. I created over 25 jacket concept in 2017 so there’s got to be something you like.

You have worked with a number of high-end clients and brands, such  Ashanti, French Montana and Swalee and more


Have you ever turned down a client?

Yes because they couldn’t afford me

loool right now I am clearly one of those clients, so how did you know it was the right thing to do?

Because I believe in my time and credentials was worth more than the client was offering.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Be yourself. Don’t try and be some body else unless you plan on being better.

What advice would you have for young men who are trying to get involved in the fashion and business industry?

I still don’t think I am in the fashion industry so I don’t have advice. Think outside the box and don’t be the afraid to be the first to do something.

Do you ever take time out to relax and rest and if so what are the things you like to do in your free time?

Female company and good music. Family and friend time.

Who would you like to work with in the fashion and business industry if you had a chance to?

Kanye West

And are your predictions for 2018 trends 

PVC for men.


As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?

Consistency, Creativity and Marketing.

CCM, I can clearly see that consistency, creativity and Marketing are your three priorities from your business and work ethic and finally; Do you set high expectations or tolerate mediocrity? 

High expectations yes it is in my designs. I only want to delivery my best work.

Thank you very much, Jaye really enjoyed this interview and learning what motivates, and drives you to be the successful man you are today 

You can follow Jaye Parson on all social media to see more of his designs 

Instagram: @Jayeparson


Erykah Badu Jacket made by Jaye


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