Men in Power Series: Dane Cobain Award Winning Author,

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Today we have a very interesting person joining us, in this week Series, he is a published author, with 7 published books, a freelance writer, book blogger, poet and (occasional) musician.

with a passion for language and learning. When he’s not working on his next release, he can be found reading and review books for his award-winning book blog,, while trying not to be distracted by Wikipedia. His releases include No Rest for the Wicked(supernatural thriller), Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home (poetry) (literary fiction), Social Paranoia (non-fiction), Come On Up to the House (horror) and Subject Verb Object (anthology).

Dane Cobain is this week Men in Power, where he answers all my questions

Last year was a very successful year for you, you completed your book and published it. Can you tell us a bit about yourself in 5 words and how you came to be an author?

Last year actually marked the release of Subject Verb Object, which is an anthology of which I’m both a contributor and editor but which contains work from a variety of authors. That was my sixth book and my upcoming release, Driven, is my seventh. In five words, I’m a quirky indie author. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.

Very interesting quirky and indie do not get that often.

How did you know this is the career for you? And what made you go forth and chase it?

It’s something that I’m passionate about and I’m a keen reader as well as a writer. I enjoy it a lot, which makes it feel like less of a job and more of a vocation.

It’s interesting because I am a very keen reader as well and nowadays you do not meet people who love to still read books so, what made you choose this type of business?

That’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on what you mean. I make a living as a freelance writer and I chose to go freelance because I could be my own boss and forge my own path, funding my living by doing something that I love doing.

Interesting for you to choose a freelance writer, as I would have assumed you being an author was your first job, your book Driven How did you get your idea and characters for your book Driven?

The idea itself was developed over time, but I’m pretty sure that I got the idea of using a self-driving car as a murder weapon from a meme I saw on Facebook. The characters just sort of came about as I developed the idea, but most of them have some of my own personality traits as well as some of those of the people I know and love. For example, the friendship between Marie Rieirson and Jayne Lipton is based on a friendship between two former coworkers of mine who’d studied together at university and always worked as a creative team.

Dane Cobain - Driven

It is really true when authors do say they can get their book ideas from anything, even Facebook.

Do you ever face writer’s block?

I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t. I get bored of working on things every now and then, but then I just switch my attention elsewhere and work on something else for a while.

Well, you are definitely the first author I have met that does not complain about writer’s block. You are an author, a poet and musician. How did music come about?

I learned to play the guitar when I was fourteen, but even before then I used to make up songs or rewrite the lyrics of popular songs to make them more relatable to myself. The music side of things just gives me another medium in which to write, and it’s also a great way to blow off some steam at the end of a busy day.

If you had to choose music, poetry or writing novels forever which would it be and why?

Writing novels. It’s more fulfilling and more enjoyable, plus I generally have more ideas for fiction projects than for music and for poetry projects. Really, though, I wouldn’t like to limit myself to any one thing in particular. With my freelance career, I rely on income from a variety of different sources to make a living. I’d quite like my writing to be the same.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Don’t give up and just read and write as much as you can. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make you better and better over time.

What advice would you have for young men who are trying to get involved in the book and poet industry?

Just play to your strengths and make sure you stay true to yourself. Never write stuff just because you think people will like it. Write stuff that you yourself would like to read.

Do you ever take time out to relax and rest and if so what are the things you like to do in your free time?

Honestly, not really. I’m almost always doing something, and I actually find it stressful to ‘relax’ in the way that most people do, by just sitting there and watching TV or just doing nothing. The closest I come to relaxing is when I’m reading, I guess.

Have you ever considered writing other genres of books for example recipes or children’s books?

Well, I already write in a pretty diverse selection of genres. I don’t think I’d necessarily say no to a specific genre, but I do play to my strengths and so I wouldn’t write a recipe book when I could spend the same time writing a novel and it is better. As a freelance writer, though, I also do a lot of work for hire. So if someone wants to pay me to write a book in a specific genre, I will. I’m already ghostwriting non-fiction book about the future of healthcare.

What are your predictions for 2018 in terms of your new book Driven?

I’m not sure if I’d like to make any. I’d like to think that people will like it, but that’s really not up to me.

As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?

Tracking time, tracking cash flow and keeping clients happy.

And do you set high expectations or tolerate mediocrity?

Haha, I have high expectations. Go big or go home.

Should we be expecting more books in the near future?

Yes, at least one more in 2018 but potentially 2-3 books in 2018 on top of Driven.

If you were a juice what would you be and why?

I’d probably be apple juice because it’s similar to cider and that’s alcoholic.

And finally what advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Stop taking yourself so seriously and be patient.

Well thank you so much, Dane, for taking time out to sit with m, was a real pleasure interviewing you, and I cannot wait to read your new book Driven . For more info on Dane’s previous books visit 

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