Successful Men in Music: Dj Selecta Maestro

Today, I have different to change it up a bit in terms of our series and adding a new one which looks at successful “Men In Music”; meaning I will be sitting down and having a chat with men from the Music industry from Top producers, sound engineers, artists, executives and many more in music and my first guest is DJ Selecta Maestro, Radio Host/DJ for Beat London 103.5fm (

Hey hey hey, been a while, how are you?

All good thanks. No gidi gidi on this side.( Ghanian slang for those wondering) 

It felt like January was going on forever don’t you think?

Yeah, that’s always the case. I’m kinda used to that now.

How’s the new year going for you?

So far so so good I guess.


Good to hear, please can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Off the top of my head I will say Calm, Musical, Focused.

So how did it all begin?

I discovered the art of Deejaying in 1999 whilst watching my late cousin DJ ESP (founder of the well-known sound system Spreadlove Entertainment) at a basement party in the West End. To put it lightly, that night left a lasting impression on me and pretty much led me to where I am today.


Where did the name come from, because the first time I met you, I kept asking myself how you came up with this name?

Well, a ‘Maestro’ by definition is a high ranking conductor/performer of classical music. With that said the name Maestro describes me in that same way but in the form of a DJ. I added ‘Selecta’ as a way of making it sound more unique.


Well, I would say you are the 3rd DJ that his set name is of good meaning unlike a few not naming names. Which would you say you came first; DJing, Production or Promoting?

I’m a DJ 1st and foremost. Everything else came afterwards.

I know you have travelled to many countries, which countries have you played/? And which did you enjoy the most?

Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, and of course my homeland Ghana. I don’t have a particular favourite as each place came with a different learning experience.

Fair enough, What was the first event you ever played at/?

It was a house party sometime back in 2000 if my memory serves me correctly.

What’s the best event you’ve played at?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite. Each gig you get comes with it’s good and bad points.


What was the first record you bought?
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. I remember going to the Our Price record store with my sister where we purchased that. Time Flies

vanilla ice

EHH Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby reminds me of the 90’s, Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’

That’s way too many to choose from. For today though I will say ‘Davido – If’.

What’s your favourite tune of all time?

I honestly don’t have one. Today I could be listening to Afrobeat, the following day it could be Reggae, and from there its wherever my iPod takes me.

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out? I can guess you saying sleep.


Other than that I’m always working, to be honest.


Yeah, your schedule is always packed, took a while for us to secure this interview, Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

I was Djing in Ghana 2 years ago and during my set, the lights and electricity went out in the club. That was an experience.

Other DJs you rate?

I have genuine respect for anyone and everyone within this profession. No favourites.


Who is a person that you considered as a role model early in your life? How and why does this person impact your life?

My late Grandmother. She is someone who showed love to all and would never ask for anything back. I learned a lot from her.

Shout out to all the grandparents with words of wisdom. What’s the best piece of advice you have received

Never stress things or situations beyond your control. This advice has helped me A LOT.


What would you say to yourself when you were 18?

I don’t remember at all. Back then I lived life on a day to day basis.


Okay, I was not expecting that so, If you were a Juice what would you be?

Fanta with no ice!

lol just remembered the song, I like my Fanta with no ice, anyways: What’s the last movie that made you cry? and do not tell me you do not cry for moviesThis question doesn’t apply to me. Apologies hehehe.

It was great having you be the first Succesful Men in Music, and I wish you more success. You can follow DJ Selecta Maestro on all his social media platforms below


Twitter: @SelectaMaestro
Instagram: @selectamaestro
Facebook: DJ Selecta Maestro
Mixcloud: DJ Selecta Maestro
Soundcloud: Selecta Maestro


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