Women in Power: CEO & Miss Zimbabwe UK 2016

How is your new year going for you? And did you enjoy xmas?

Christmas was a blessing, got to spend some time with mother and sister. So really was in the festive spirits with my family around. My New Year is going quite well, cant really complain but surely it could be better then again I cannot go against what GOD has planned.

Oh lovely

You have had a very successful past few years, you were once miss Zimbabwe UK for the first time how was that for you?

Miss Zimbabwe UK was a journey that I never thought i would be part of again after I didn’t win the first time I tried but I still had the courage to try and again in order to achieve my goal. I would say then it was a good platform that I saw some positivity to be part of and use it to inspire other young female Zimbabweans. It was fun and confidence building for starters and the organisers where quite encouraging.

Did you face any challenges been miss Zimbabwe uk and how did you overcome it all?

In every pageant you always face challenges but with Miss Zimbabwe UK it wasn’t as hard I thought it would be. Some of the challenges I faced are the usual trying to find the perfect outfits, dance routine and cultural representation of what Zimbabwe is. I think the word was suffering from anxiety and a bit of fear. Prayer and words of encouragement from friends and my mother helped me stay focused, plus a bit of self discipline and meditation; helped overcome these challenges.

What did your mum say when you told her you joined the pageant? And how did she react?

My mum was never a fan these kind of things because she would say its a waste of time and money but eventually she got to like it in someway and was very supportive especially with Miss Zimbabwe UK, some of her friends and family members also helped in supporting. You know with African parents it will take some time for them to settle and get used to something, so eventually that was the result in the end and she was happy that I won the title.

You have used your platform very well, not many people know this but you own your own magazine called Effuse magazine and you have interviewed quite a number of people including myself lol

What made you to start Effuse? And how did the name come about?

Haha how can I ever forget you Camille. For Effuse Magazine to get where it is now it is all by Gods grace. I was in High School when i started thinking about the magazine, so about 15 years old. Back then I was studying media and doing quite a bit of blogging, the blog was called ‘Effusive Creation’. During my media course we had a module about magazines, so thats where part of the inspiration came from. One day I found myself in the library jotting down names thinking of what to name the magazine. So I looked up a few names on google with good meaning and I came across ‘Effuse’ which linked to effusive the blog name. So I just carried on from there and continued planning. Effuse is actually the first magazine by Zimbabwean in the UK and I would like to believe that I inspired my fellow mates and elders to start their own. It’s humbling having some of them come to me for advise, its one of those I don’t even expect myself because I am still learning.

Where do you see the magazine in the next 2-5 years?

I pray that the brand grows bigger than just being a magazine. I envision it as much bigger than just the magazine but as for right now and 3 years to come I want to build it up more and eventually being seeing amongst some of the greats VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, HAPERS BAZAAR, GQ, ELLE etc. I believe the future is bright for Effuse magazine, I just need to continue pushing it further and working hard.

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? What was a pivotal moment?

I have always wanted to be involved in media in someway or another when I was growing up. I used to do performing arts at very young age, unfortunately i haven’t discovered my singing voice yet lol but I am very good dancing. So performing arts and media has always been part of me which is why I found myself pursuing journalism as a career. I am currently in the process of studying for an LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology to go with my first BA honours degree in Broadcast Journalism.

What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader in your business?

Well working alone you always have to keep pushing and motivating yourself, that part of most important decision I face because if I don’t put in the work no one will do it. I just have to keep going no matter what the circumstances.

How do you maintain your and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks?

To be honest it gets really hard and I am one of those people who don’t like to discuss if there is anything wrong,  I just keep it to myself and bottle it up; which is really bad and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that. If things get hard I take time out and recharge my batteries, pray and get into that focus mode again, and if I’m not 100% I wait till God gives me a sign.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your business? And How are ideas shared and implemented within your team?

At the moment I have Tapiwa Mugabe helping me with Effuse in terms of proof reading and picking certain front covers. We are both creative people, so most of the time we have similar ideas which makes it easier to get the work done.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received

Don’t respond to negativity with negativity!

20 years in the future what advice would you have for yourself

Always trust your first instinct, you can never go wrong!

What would you say to yourself when you were 16?

Some people are only temporary, some come to build and some come to destroy.

If you were a Juice what would you be?

Exotic juice!

Who do you look up to the most?

My mother.

What’s the last movie that made you cry?

Shape of water

What’s the last movie that made you laugh?

Thor Ragnarok. It was quite humorous.

What are the most important traits of successful leaders today?

I would say enthusiasm, social boldness and effective communicator!

What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?

Self motivation is must, consistency and most importantly direction. Those are some of the characteristics I live with.

Decisions questions

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

Working / Helping others without a signed contract. Putting so much effort into the work and not getting the credibility you deserve, been there a couple of times.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

Chef! I used and still love coming but I listened to wrong people and that killed my dream.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Togetherness! We are strong when we come together as women and work together / supporting one another. There is so much power when there is female empowerment and we need to eliminate the thought of competing against one another.

What woman inspires you and why?

Tyra Banks inspires me, not only was she a model but she build herself and become a successful entrepreneur with her own TV show which is something I hope to achieve for my generation.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

The biggest challenge I think it’s the fear of being accepted especially with social media now, its creating this unreal picture that only exist online without real life acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are and the rest flows.

When do you feel most creative ?

I feel most creative at night when I am home alone.

If your life was a song what would it be?

At the moment I think the perfect song is Tasha Cobbs – For Your Glory (When times are hard)

One thought on “Women in Power: CEO & Miss Zimbabwe UK 2016

  1. Glorious things.
    I love the way you keep referring to God and how you value your mother’s input in your life.
    You go to greater heights ijn.
    May the Lord cause you to fly in high places


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