UFUMA WEARS Clothing Brand: #Paid Collaboration

Ufumawears, are an African Prints (Wax/Ankara) contemporary designs company based in London

Everything they offer at Ufumawears is designed and made by them, they intend to change the way African Prints are viewed worldly.


The name Ufumawears has its origin in Ufuma, Anambra state of Nigeria where the idea was nurtured and also where the founder originates.


Their strategy is simple, using African Prints and various other materials to design 21st century wears that will meet the needs of today’s Africans in the diaspora and the motherland.

Thier materials are sourced, designed and made in Nigeria and the UK, their staff are very experienced and they put in their very best on every piece.

Thier goal is to provide you with African Prints fashion that will awaken that dormant pride to be African and black once again.


For more prints for men and women click the link below

Website: www.ufumawears.com 

Instagram: @ufumawears

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ufumawears

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