Women in Power: Nayoka Oware (Radio Presenter, Content Creator

This week’s Women in Power is the beautiful Nayoke from “The Journey Online” she wears multiple hats from being a mum to interviewing celebrities on her show online

What made you to start Presenting? And are you glad you started it

My sister Amma. She made the suggestion after thinking about Jamal Edwards, MBE, founder of SB.TV. She told me his story and encouraged me to invest in a DSLR, go into the world and create opportunities for myself. She even came up with a show I could host. In addition, when I was in my early teens, I would watch June Sarpong and Richard Blackwood present the show MTV Select, and in my head I wanted to be them, be in the limelight, be recognised, be popular. As I grew older, my reasons for wanting to be a Presenter changed. I realised that it was a gift and not just a money making skill. I realised that it was important to see people on the TV and listen to people on the radio that you can identify with, that look like you, that understand diversity and that we are all unique. I wanted to show others that it is possible to achieve your dreams so far as you never stop working. Even on the days when you just don’t feel like it, find the strength to work.

Sarkodie & The Journey Online

Your a radio presenter at ABN TV Radio every week, how did that come about?

At present, I no longer work at ABN Radio but, I worked as an Intern at VOA Radio…

You have been presenting for many years now do you consider yourself branching out? For example movies or directing?

I believe in being open to all opportunities, so far as they tie in with my gift/calling. If another profession will assist me to develop myself further, professionally and personally, I am willing to learn, grow and embrace that opportunity.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?

I’ll still be learning, growing, applying what I’ve learned, thriving and excelling in all areas of my life.

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? What was a pivotal moment?

Talking to people and having a genuine interest in their response comes naturally to me. In my opinion, asking relevant questions and being an intent listener are two important skills to have as a Presenter. I am the co-founder of The Journey Management LTD, an entertainment company and the founder, CEO, co-editor and host of The Journey Online. I coupled my love for music with the passion I had, and still have, for Presenting, and started my online channel in 2012. Additionally, I believed in myself, even on days where I just wanted to give up because I didn’t trust the process, I wasn’t enjoying my own journey and failed to recognise my small victories.

A pivotal moment for me was interviewing Sarkodie. I had wanted to meet him for over a decade, had reached out to his team a couple of times, but it was proving difficult to pin him down. After years of trying, I hosted him on my online channel. Having an artiste of his calibre praising the show confirmed that we were doing something right.

What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader?

Deciding if an idea myself or the team suggests, will have a positive long-term impact the company and ensuring that it is a true reflection of my brand.

How do you maintain your and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks?

Keeping in constant contact, updating the team on the progress we are making, having a genuine interest in their wellbeing and talking through any challenges or triumphs we have.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your business? And How are ideas shared and implemented within your team?

The old fashioned way. Putting pen to paper individually and then coming together as a group to share best practice and bounce ideas off each other. We often watch interviews and/or documentaries and learn from others in the industry and in other fields, that came before us. We network, seek advice from those who are willing to impart knowledge on how to start and maintain a successful business and ways to succeed in ours. There is much to learn from a veteran.

Once we have shared our ideas, we weigh out the pros and cons of pursuing each idea and then make a final decision based on what will benefit the company and all who may be involved at that time.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Do what you know. There is no point of trying to learn about a profession that you have no interest in and know nothing about. Build on the knowledge you have first, then, broaden your horizons.

20 years in the future what advice would you have for yourself

You’re still alive. Keep going. God obviously isn’t done with you yet. Also, enjoy and share the fruit of your labour.

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What would you say to yourself when you were 16?

You have already identified what your gift is, start working on building your empire. Do not procrastinate. Work toward your dream every single day from writing ideas to networking, don’t waste a single day.

If you were a Juice what would you be?

Lychee Juice. Not every one knows what it is, likes the sound of the name or the look of it, but they’d be willing to give it a try… and then they’re hooked!

Who do you look up to the most?

Myself. I work towards bettering myself everyday.

Love that response What’s the last movie that made you cry?

The Notebook. If you haven’t watched it, please do. You’ll understand why it is a tear jerker.

What’s the last movie that made you laugh

Parts of Black Panther.

What are the most important traits of successful leaders today?

Transparency, to a certain degree, being loyal to your cause, calling and vision, being unshakable but willing to accept constructive critique, honesty and selflessness.

What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?

Transparency, loyalty, having entrepreneurial skills, honesty, compassion, resilience and selflessness.

What are the most pressing challenge that leaders are facing today? And why?

Not listening to the cries of the people that they are meant to be serving and fulfilling their promises. Depending on the type of leader you are, you will have a board of governors, a team, an audience or there will always be a group of people who will guide you, you will have to serve or provide a service for. If you are incapable of listening to what they want or making an effort to change whatever may be affecting them, and if you cannot cater to them in some way, if that is the role you are called to fulfil, then you have no right being a leader. If you don’t serve the people, they will become disgruntled and turn against you. Selfishness, greed, power and authority can consume you as a leader if to begin with, your focus was on the wrong thing e.g. money instead of your love for people.

Do you have a mentor? If so, what traits are you seeking in a mentor and why?

I do. I think that it’s imperative to have a mentor irrespective of the industry you are in. My mentor is transparent, gives constructive criticism, motivates and encourages me and is forthright. He tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

What are you doing daily to ensure your growth and development continues as a successful business owner ? If so, how?

Challenging myself, taking the time out to write down my thoughts, looking at multiple streams of income, being open minded and unlearning things I was taught that restricts the flow of creativity and conflicts with being an entrepreneur. I also write a list of tasks that I need to complete everyday. There is never less that 8 things on that list.

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

Best: wanting to be more than most African women are lead to believe they can be and taking action to ensure that I pursued my dreams.

Worst: Not starting earlier, since I had already realised what my gift was.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

To be an actress, because I enjoyed Drama and Theatre studies and loved acting school. Not forgetting that my mum encouraged me to. She wanted me to be on TV and stay away from boys…

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Staying down for too long when we get knocked down or discouraged. Yes, we have to work three times as hard as men do, but if we stick at it, history has taught us that we can achieve great things… Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Ellen, Wendy Williams, Folorunso Alakija… the list goes on.

What woman inspires you and why?

There are too many to list, as each of them exhibit different qualities that are needed to be great. A woman that does not conform, is confident in herself but remains humble, is ambitious and unapologetically herself. A woman of faith who has a vision and is willing to help others whether she is called upon to help, or not, that is the type of woman that inspires me.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

In my opinion, there are no new challenges for women, the intensity and support may be the only difference. For example, the women that accused Harvey Weinstein and Billy Cosby of sexual assault and/or gross misconduct, if this were to be a decade or two ago, only a few of women would have been bold enough to speak up, so the movement would not have been as intense as it is currently; there would not have been as much support due to fear. Although women seem to be more outspoken that ever, WOC will still have to fight for equal rights and equal pay. Women will still have to prove that they are just as able, intelligent, capable, diligent, forthright and efficient as their male counterparts.

When do you feel most creative ?

At night. I’m nocturnal.

If your life was a song what would it be?

Miss Independent – Ne-Yo

And what words of wisdom would you like to share to young and older women in the beauty, YouTube and Instagram industry ?

Never think twice about being yourself. Your true self. The self that you may be afraid no one will except, because you and only you will have to live with decisions you make, the rewards you get and the consequences you face. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes: ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ‘ – Oscar Wilde

Thank you, so much for sitting down with me

You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram


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