Wedding Season: Polka Dots, Bright Shades & Florals

We all know wedding season has commenced and this season it is all about bold colours, florals and polka dots, I will be showing you wear to shop from high -street brands to high-end names.


MARISOTA -Spot Print Pleat Maxi Skirt – PD835



 Product Details
Irregular spot print design. Fully elasticated waist and easy pull-on style.
Length 35in/89cm.
Machine washable.
  • Product available in sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32
  • Available in: Black/White


Spot Jacquard Slip Dress


  • Colour:  PINK
  • Code:  35M06NPNK

Polka Dot Print Open Back Maxi Dress


  • Colour:  NAVY BLUE
  • Code:  10G14NNAV






Domestic Violence Nearly took my life-Abigail Okeyre Story


Domestic violence is on the rise, on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by their current or former partner every week, an estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year, Abigail Okeyre was part of that statistics, but luckily for her, she managed to escape such a volatile relationship  Honestly, I had to accept that he didn’t love or want me and that I had been abused all along. That was so hard to do but once I started, I began to recover.”

Abigail’s relationship with her ex, started off as been very close friends for nearly seven years, before they started dating, and in those years there were no signs that he was or even had any traits of a violent man. Their relationship was always blissful like any relationship would be sharing secrets and laughter with one another until one day when Abigail found out about another relationship he was having and she confronted him about it ‘ He swore that she was a crazy ex who didn’t want to leave him alone. Initially, I believed him but the day I challenged his lies was, the day the beatings started. Prior to that, he had never even raised his voice at me before. In fact, he was the calm to my storms.’ statistics show that victims of domestic violence never see the signs, as the predator has the following traits: charming, jealous, manipulative, controlling, a victim. unfortunately, Abigail was drawn to the charming side of her ex-partner. “There were no signs at all. He was such a charming sweetheart.

The first time he beat her she tried to hide it but her mum saw the injuries when she got home and involved the police. He usually would hit me with his fist. I guess wherever he could lay his hands on me, he would usually hit but my face always seemed to bear the brunt of the beating and he would injure me mainly on my face He once threatened to hit me with an iron but to his credit he really controlled himself. I thought I was going to die that day .He threatened to never talk to her again if she allowed the police to arrest him and claimed that the charge would ruin his future. She got scared so she lied and fought the police to drop the case against all sound advice. That case was never dropped although she almost succeeded.

The last time he beat her up, they had argued about the same girl she has accused him of having an affair with. He punched her in the face and blood kept oozing uncontrollably. He kept beating her, that she passed out multiple times. She remembers hearing him threatening to kill her for real next time; each time she gained consciousness. That was when she began to reason the situation whilst lying there. she kept saying to herself, “if I die here, no one will fight for me”. As a Ghanaian and him being from an affluent family, her case will be swept under the carpet and he will continue living. As soon as the beating stopped she called her parents and his parents and told them everything. her mum came to get her and that was it.

Abigail was able to escape from her violence partner, however not many men and women are able to do so on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by their current or former partner every week. The number of prosecutions relating to violence against women and girls in England and Wales reached a record level in 2015-16, rising by almost 10% to 117,568. New measures on violence against women to be put in domestic abuse bill, Abigail, had to accept that he did not love or want her and that she had been abused all along. “That was so hard to do but once I started, I began to recover. The funny thing about my situation was that I WAS educated. It didn’t change anything. I was living in denial and I made so many excuses for him”.

Abigail is now able to share her story to other women and men who are going through or know anyone in such situations and her advice to you is “Honestly, if you are going through it, walking away does not make you weak. He/she does not love you, they’ll never change and your life is more important. It will hurt as though you are about to die but it will get better and please get counseling. I did not and it’s messing me up today, years later. If you know someone going through it, be patient. More necessary than anything, they need a non-judgemental ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. If they can trust you with that, they are more likely to listen to your advice on walking away. Also, get counseling for yourself too. It can be traumatic watching your loved one go through this.

Domestic Violence is a continuous problem as victims are not able to identify themselves as one, according to the year ending March 2017 Crime Survey for England and Wales (1.2 million women, 713,000 men). were accounted for domestic violence. Are you part of that statistic if so get help and talk to someone like Abigail did, it is never too late.

If you know anyone or you have been affected by this story and would like more help and information, please do not hesitate to contact National Domestic Helpline

Remeber Domestic Violence can happen to anyone, including men not just women, if you see any form of abuse do not wait, speak out and report it, you can be saving a life

0808 2000 247


ARISE FASHION WEEK 30th March- 2nd April 2018

Africa’s premier fashion show, ARISE Fashion Week (AFW), is back in Lagos on March 30th to April 2nd at the Lagos Continental Hotel (formerly Intercontinental Hotel).

As announced, to kick off the three-day event on the morning of Saturday, March 31, the fashion extravaganza will have the distinction of showcasing the first Supermodel Masterclass ever to be held in the country, an ARISE Fashion Mentoring and Bootcamp, United Nations Special event, representatives of the federal government meeting with key designers, and The Showcase that will be anchored by Banke Kuku.


Later in the day featured some of the best internationally acclaimed designers: LaurenceAirlines from Cote d’Ivoire and Paris, known for establishing a new space for contemporary African fashion across the globe as well as young South African designer,Thebe Magugu, whose craftsmanship and attention to design have garnered worldwide recognition.

Day 1 also featured styles from Canadian designer, Aurora James, the UK’s very own singer and performer, Nigerian-born Tinnie Tempah, celebrated Tanzanian designer, Mustafa Hassanali, Orapeleng Modutle and KLûK CGDT, both from South Africa. KLûK CGDT has participated in every ARISE show.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Azuka Ogujiuba, Vonne

From Nigeria are Funke Adepoju, Clan, Vonne Couture, About That Curvy Life Collective, Andrea Iyamah, Style Temple, Okunoren Twins, Ituen Basi and Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.

Day Two

Day 2 highlighted designers offering luxurious and unique styles. From Germany, Sarah Duah was featured on the catwalk, along with Koki Kamala from Botswana, Amine Bendriouich from Morocco, and South African-born designer and ARISE original, Gavin Rajah who regularly shows at the Paris Fashion Week graced the runway with his glamorous, yet refined designs.

Again from Nigeria will be Grey, Abaya Lagos, Taryor Gabriel, Ilare, House of Divas, Lagos, Ziva, Lagos, Tzar, Kimono Kollection, Mai Atafo, Tsemaye Binitie, Jewel by Lisa and Tiffany Amber.

Mai Atafo

Day Three

Day 3 of AFW 2018 boasted leading designers from both the UK and U.S. Self-taught designer, known for dressing Cardi B, Rihanna and Beyonce, Laquan Smith, made his way back to Lagos from the U.S., to showcase his custom-made, bare-to-there fashion. He was joined by Ghanaian-British fashion designer, Ozwald Boateng, most known for the transformational impact he’s had on menswear fashion for almost three decades.

The day also displayed designs from South African designers Maxhosa by Laduma, Rich Mnisi and Lakhanyo Midingi, while Nigerian icons included Moofa, Dzyn, House of Nwocha, Maxivive, Sunny Rose, Tokyo James, Maki Oh, Gozel Green, Bridget Awosika, Ere Dappa, Odion Mimonet and Deola Sagoe.

As is the custom, the best of these will be selected to showcase their designs during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in September this year.

See more photos from the events below

 Day 3- Noami Campbell graced the runway wearing a creation for KLUK CGDT at ARISE fashion week

Naomi Campbell opening the show for Lanre Da Silva Ajayi at ARISE fashion week




Seoul Fashion Week 2018: Designers you need to know

I hope everyone is enjoying Good Friday, either at home or doing something interesting, unlike me I am indoors doing some research and writing as always. The weather here is appalling constant rain and no sunshine but that is not going to stop me from bringing you the best from Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week was very quiet this season as a few brands and designers from London and Paris have left making the fashion industry energy very low even the street style, was not packed as it normally is, in the past few fashion week seasons, however, the snow and rain is not helping either.

The Generation Next had an amazing showcase for its fresh new talent, new names jumped at the opportunity to put on a free show, staged in a glass box beneath a suspended walkway. It is a smart move on Seoul Fashion Week’s part to accommodate them. If the city is to become a true incubator, its Fashion Week must find, cultivate, and support new talent, especially as the first wave of rising Koreans heads overseas.

Here are five labels from Generation Next that could represent the next phase of Seoul fashion.

Bona Kim and Jaehyuk Lim launched BESFXXK last year, after graduating from the London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art, respectively. Their brand name is a play on the words bespoke and fucked up, pronounced bes-fuck, and defines their ethos: to take classic tailored garments and distort them. “We’ve never done particular concepts,” Lim explained. “We always look at the clothes themselves—that’s our priority.” It is also the reason, he says, why the models wore dyed and graphic patterned masks to completely obscure their faces.

This season, they chose to experiment with track suits, trench coats, and starched shirts, splicing them together—a bit of athletic stretch fabric tacked onto the back of a trench, for instance. Striped shirts with multiple neck openings (one gaping at the chest) allowed each to be worn different ways. “Depending on where you put your head, it changes the silhouette and gives you more options to play with,” Lim said. Indeed, the convertible nature of the garments meant plentiful styling possibilities, like a denim jacket with striped panels blooming from the front that could be detached by buttons. “If you think something is too much, you can trim it back and make it more structural,” Lim added, pointing to the detachable sleeves and straps on nearly every piece.

Hyemee Lee’s Eenk (a reference to ink, using the double e’s in her name) is known for its leather handbags and other accessories, beloved by Korean editors. This season, she staged her first runway show to better showcase her overtly feminine, vintage-inspired clothes, of a kind with what you might find at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Currently, Lee is in the middle of the ambitious Letter Project she began in 2013. Each collection is themed around a letter of the alphabet, beginning with B for Beanie, and will continue until she ends with A for Archive to complete the set. This season was K for Knits, and so Lee began by designing a base collection of plush knits in sugar pink, pale lavender, and other pretty hues. “I was going to wait until A to do a show, but the opportunity came up, so I thought why not give it a try?” she said.

Inspired by the furniture designer Muller Van Severen, Lee kept the palette strong and the shapes more organic. Little collared sweater dresses and oversize cashmere vests conveyed “a European grandma vibe,” as did a soft brown calf-length faux fur coat and periwinkle houndstooth suit. “I like classics from long ago, but with a little on-trend twist,” she said. These did the trick, and it was nice to see more desirable, contemporary clothes for women come to the fore.

Minju Kim
Minju Kim’s three-year-old label made a strong Seoul Fashion Week debut—the designer’s first-ever runway show—with a collection inspired by the Galaxy Express 999 anime. It was whimsical yet bold, rather than delicate; shiny gold and green jacquards and laser-cut PVC ornaments featured heavily throughout the lineup. “I wanted to keep the mood fun and happy,” Kim said backstage.

Her eclectic use of graphic print and colour on traditionally feminine silhouettes is a key part of her work, in a similar vein to a Miu Miu or Simone Rocha. Important, however, she does put her own twist on it—her voice comes through, and it has been a pleasure to watch it develop each season.

Tell the Truth
A lack of designed, feminine clothes on the Seoul mainstage may soon be corrected, not just by Eenk and Minju Kim, but by Sung-eun Kim of Tell the Truth, which held its first show last week after seven seasons. “I started the brand to make pieces one can wear for a long time,” Kim says. “In a sense, the line is devoted to basics.” For Fall 2018, Kim drew from a ’90s video interview of Winona Ryder at the height of her cool in a dark suit coat and buttoned-up shirt, then mixed in a bit of the Royal Tenenbaums to create a “retro, vintage” mood.

Yes, there were the requisite Margot Tenenbaum furs in deep green, black, and oatmeal, as well as a fun copper teddy bear number. A steel blue version was paired with a sky blue silk pleated dress, worn over a beige turtleneck and matching floor-length slacks for a clean look. Tailored top coats and high turtlenecks were a no-brainer, as was the overall effect—sophisticated and easy to wear.

Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Burberry AW18 London Fashion Week

Day 2 of London Fashion week kicked off with BURBERRY, a British luxury fashion house, showed at London Fashion Week at 5pm this evening,I loved this entire collection unfortunately could not find any faults apart from celebrities turning up in the same Burberry jackets.

Cara Delevigne walked in a rainbow coat on the Burberry AW18 runway.

The model wore a Pride rainbow striped flap as she walked in the show.

Sienna Miller has been spotted on the Burberry London Fashion Week front row, wearing loose tartan track pants, a tartan shirt and a classic trench coat exposing a tartan lining, all by Burberry.

Anna Wintour has been pictured sitting front row at Burberry February 2018 show alongside daughter Bee Shaffer.

Burberry’s tartan check patterns have become synonymous with the brand’s image, and most recently Meghan Markle, 36, sported the pattern.

Burberry showcased its AW18 collection at London Fashion Week 2018.

The show took place at Dimco Buildings, a historic structure in White City.

it was the last show for Christopher Bailey, CEO of Burberry.

Models including Cara Delevigne walked the runway.

BonPoint Winter 2018 Runway Show


BonPoint showcased their winter 2018 collection on Wednesday 24th January at Hotel De Brancas, Paris, under the artistic direction of Christine Innamorato.

Bonpoint’s collection for the winter collection 2018 season adopts al the colours of creation, whether they be pictorial or inspired by the beauty of nature.

They were notable guests which included: Lake Bell, Charlotte Groeneveld Van Haren, Stefano Tonchi,  Mimi Thorisson, Georgina Cohen and many more.

It was great to see the warm colours and also keeping to BonPoint’s traditional tones


Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Launch

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Launch at Noho Studios in london.

The night was filled with PR companies, bloggers (like myself) and celebrities ( Jamie Jewit; Professional Boxer, Pete Wicks; The Only Way is Essex, Sam Callahan: Singer Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea ) and the Wilkinson Team which was a pleasure to meet and talk to.

I learnt about when the company fist started in 1773 and how it has developed in 246 years, from been a heavy shaving device for men to been a modern, light, flexible and compact to use for both genders.

Pete Wicks was barber for the event who gave Sam Thompson and Jamie Jewitt a facial trim using the Hydro Sense 5

The event was very successful and I am glad I was able to experience it all, I can not wait to try my Hydro 5 Sense Sensitive razor and give you all my feedback on the products

Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Sense razor & blades. Hydro 5 Sense features include: A built-in shock absorber/ Flipper trimmer/ Cartridge with 7 hydrating gel pools that contain menthol/ And 5 Ultra Glide Blades with Skin Guard. Leaving your skin feeling energized.

Hydro 5 Sense, designed to give a close shave.

Hydro 5 Sense is built to address irritation head-on with the inclusion of an innovative built-in shock absorber on the razor head that allows for an incredibly close shave, alongside unique refill gel formulas which provide specific shaving benefits that cater to men’s differing needs.

How to use

Hydro 5 Sense razor auto-adjusts when pressure is applied, flexing as needed and absorbing excess energy that normally exerts onto the skin. When the pressure goes away, the razor returns to its original state.

1:Exfoliate – It will help prepare the skin for your shave.

2: Wet your stubble with warm water before shaving to hydrate the hair making it easier to cut.

3: Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades are the culprit for most shaving accidents.

4: Shave the most sensitive area of your face first – the neck and below the jawbone – then move up the face, applying gentle pressure and shaving with the grain of the hair.

5: Apply oil / alcohol free moisturiser to soothe, protect and invigorate your skin.

Important info

1. Built-In Shock Absorber: Featuring shock absorption technology, the mechanism inside “senses” when different pressure is exerted on skin during shaving and auto adjusts to provide the optimum amount of pressure.

2. The Flip Trimmer, with a simple flick of the thumb, no need to turn the handle over, the trimmer can be used to edge and trim, reaching those hard to get areas such as under the nose.


PEG-115M, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate, Cyclodextrin, Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Menthol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Maltodextrin, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Candelilla Cera, Hydrated Silica

Images from the night

CYO Cosmetics Launch London

What is CYO Cosmetics?

C.Y.O. serves up an impressive 160 products including contour sticks, mattifying primer, lipstick and liner duos, metallic eye shadow pots (that happen to look like perfect M.A.C. dupes, btw), illuminating foundation, liquid lipsticks, ombré lipsticks, and bronze shimmering body oil. They even have a few eye shadow palettes with kickass names like “Rainbow Warrior Showdown” and “Rainbow Warrior Front Woman.” Excited yet? Brace yourself for the best part: everything is under £7

“CYO is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used — we’re giving make-up a shake-up,” Lauren Consiglio, Americas Category Director overseeing CYO Cosmetics, said in a press release. “We’ve created an edgy line that doesn’t break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries.”

Good news for lovers of killer drugstore makeup (read: all of us), beloved cheap beauty brand E.l.f. finally has some real competition. Meet C.Y.O., Walgreens’ solution to a product line that makes your wallet just as happy as your beauty bag.

CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation Review

“CYO is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used — we’re giving make-up a shake-up,” Lauren Consiglio, Americas Category Director overseeing CYO Cosmetics, said in a press release. “We’ve created an edgy line that doesn’t break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries.”

C.Y.O. is designed for Gen Zers — from product to packaging, to price, the new budget-friendly brand is designed to look just as chic on Instagram or Snapchat as it does on your face.

Big Thank you to CYO Cosmetics for having me on Thursday at their launch had an amazing time, trying out their new line

Highlights from the night


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-23 at 11.54.53

London Fashion Week Men AW18

It is the time of the year, again but this time around it is not London Fashion Week but Men’s Fashion Week right here in London.

Friday saw the start of the 11th season of London Fashion Week Men’s – the biannual celebration of British menswear.

Over the course of the weekend, the British Fashion Council showcased a parade of cutting-edge talent from both homegrown and international creativity., where I was able to attend and here, I take a look at some of the highlights from the four  days of shows and street styles

Let me know which look is your favourite below and what brand look you liked and dis-liked

Liam Hodges

Hodges channels grunge for a new look

A brand that’s identified as a luxury label or “the mad ones and the bad ones”, Liam Hodges saw a return to youthful pleasures this season, paying homage to 1990s raves, graffiti and grunge – courtesy of bygone classic kids’ show Get Your Own Back, and Mr Blobby.

Taking to a chequered runway, models sported a mixture of new-wave tailoring with slouched retro fits – and while Hodges’s signature graphics remained, new airbrushed prints of trippy flowers, leopard and smiley flowers were also integrated.

While there was a definite grunge vibe overall with tartan trousers, zipped cuffs, an oversized suit covered in badges and acid green hairdos, the collection also showcased Hodges’s recent collaboration with Fila throughout, including the Disruptor II premium sneakerboot.

Ben Sherman

Northern Soul-inspired couture (Rex)

Presented in a 100 metre-long gallery inside Somerset House, this season’s Ben Sherman offering looked to its roots and the glories of Northern Soul with a capsule collection created in collaboration with Henry Holland – a designer recently nominated by the British Fashion Council Fashion Awards for Best Emerging Menswear Designer.

Set to an upbeat soundtrack, a score of dancers took to the runway before models appeared in garb that perfectly fused Sherman’s classic silhouettes with Holland’s eclectic aesthetic.

Featuring 29 looks with a 1970s twist, the unisex collection featured everything from short Harrington jackets to Mod-style suits, striped tracksuit bottoms and fishtail parkas.

Phoebe English

English makes bold use of textiles

A young designer renowned for her ability to construct strong looks with a focus on textiles and surface textures, Phoebe English created a refined capsule collection in deep navy, charcoal grey and flashes of bright red.

Created in collaboration with knitwear designer Helen Lawrence, models wore textured waffle knits and rib employed in soft British lambswool yarn, as well as hats and scarves.

Grounded with a focus on form, English also presented detailed box and bomber jackets, smart wide-legged trousers with oversized turn-ups, and relaxed-fit joggers.

Elsewhere, traditional menswear shapes were given a smarter edge with detailed shirts trimmed with scalloped sleeve overlays and long smock slips worn under full-length trench coats.


The Art School brand: a ‘non-binary paradise’

Established in 2005 by Topman and Fashion East, MAN has launched and supported a series of brands including JW Anderson, Christopher Shannon, Craig Green and Charles Jeffrey.

This season, though, a new throng of pioneering creatives joined the line-up, including Rottingdean Bazaar, Stefan Cooke, and the “non-binary paradise” that is Art School.

A brand informed by the founders and their friends’ non-binary gender identities, Art School’s second season at MAN – and their third with the support of Fashion East – saw a focus on redefining the limitations of gendered fashion.

“Art School was created to convey a message, to create a dialogue of our lives and those of our friends, our loved ones who are never represented,” they said.

Here, under the creative partnership of Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt, the collection focused on soft tailoring and what it means to “be soft”.

To that end, being soft in Art School terms was all about school girls’ skirts and slips, hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, transparent layers, duchesse satin and knitted metal yarn worn around the body “like floating chainmail”.

Street Style looks

It’s cold out there on the streets of London, but that hasn’t deterred the thousands of stylish men and women who’ve come out to attend the London Fashion Week Mens’ shows for the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 season.

Thank you 2017

Seasons greetings to my lovely readers. I hope everyone is and has had a lovely Christmas and is ready for the new year and what it has to offer to us

I would like to say this year has been the year in all my adult life that I have learnt so much, as an individual. I learnt what patience really is about, God’s true favour on my life, the loses and also gains and finally the opportunities I was given and was part of from collaborations with PR companies to attending events I never saw myself been invited to and also been able to be back on FM Radio.

I am proud to say I really stepped out of my comfort zone in trying hairstyles, bolder colours and also not giving a flying F**k of what anyone says I am not capable of doing

Here is to try new hair colours, experiencing life to the fullest and being bold, beautiful and confident in 2018

I wish you all a blessed, fruitful new year and Pray you all achieve your goals and ambitions

Check out some of my highlights of this year and le me know what you like me to try


Chelsea Boutique Press & Blogger event- London Ethnic

Hey dolls, Happy Sunday

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday, I know it’s been a little while I have posted on here but I do apologise, However, I have brought you a lovely review below on an event I was invited to this weekend

London Ethnic had their first Pop up boutique in Chelsea for the press and bloggers day, where there was a TV Crew present and also photographers, they showcased 16 designers  and I was able to meet and talk to each one of them, each collection was ethically made in the United Kingdom


  • Rua Luja- Fur, dresses, fur tops, sequined dresses
  • Discover boutique – Organic cotton floral prints in white and blue silk
  • Handsome Badger-luxury homeware, hats and scarves hand-knitted in the UK from unique super-chunky merino wool, sourced from the finest suppliers in the world
  • Lyla Maria- Silver and stones jewellery collection
  • Embellished Truth- Each item is allergy  friendly, recycled denim and handmade eco-friendly clutch, purse and handbags
  • Peter Twiss- Silk Handmade jackets
  • Stella & Dot- Jewelry and accessories
  • Contessina- Handmade lace jewellery with semi-precious stones
  • Owen Bamy- Suede, faux fur leather bags
  • Dirty South- Urban streetwear jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits and hats
  • Faqua- Bright coloured swim trunks

Event Details:

Chelsea Boutique Press & Blogger Day

508 King’s Rd | Chelsea | SW10 0LD London | United Kingdom

Saturday, 9 December 2017 from 14:00 to 18:00 (GMT)


Christian Louibouton 

Spring Summer 18 Press Preview at the Christian Louibouton Store at          Street
It was lovely to see four new shades added to their nude range to the spring summer collection, here they are below

Heels, sandals, thigh high boots and slippers

My favourites from the collection 

Men’s Collection


Modus BPCM PR SS18

Big Thank you to Modus BPCM for having me at their Spring Summer 18 London Press event  they have over 30 brands that they are in charge of in terms of PR such as ALDO, TOMS, Burlington and more

Brief information about MODUS BPCM

ModusBPCM is a global creative brand communications agency with offices in London, New York and Los Angeles.

We lead the conversation and bring ideas to life. Experts in storytelling, we have worked with some of the world’s most iconic fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands for over 30 years.

From our first incarnation as Modus in 1987 and our recent joining forces with like-minded agency BPCM, we’ve evolved with the changing landscape to offer a fully integrated communications service.

Independent in all that we do, our brave spirit couples with creative rigour to deliver innovative brand solutions.

At ModusBPCM we listen, we challenge, we advise, we imagine and then we make it happen.

Fenty x Puma SS18 KCD Worldwide

I am back once again and this time I was at the KCD Worldwide PR press day in London Vinyl Factory, I was able to view all the brands they represent from, Chloe, to Balmain and obviously Fenty x Puma from the caption above…

We all know ‪Rihanna’s Instagram handle is BadGalRiRi for a reason. The pop star has an insatiable appetite for danger, and her risk-taking swagger permeates everything she does, not least her sense of style. today I was able to see her fashion-conscious adrenaline junkies collection. The collection itself was partly X Games inspired, with a number of classic surf references thrown in for good measure. In addition to biker shorts and scuba onesies, there were modern iterations of cheeky 1980s swim trends, including the French-cut swimsuit, which has arguably been a hot-button topic on beaches all over the land this summer. Long before the likes of Kendall and Bella were posting racy bikini selfies to Instagram, ‪Rihanna had that daring skin-baring look down pat, and her bright neon maillots and body-con beach cover-ups came with all the coolest trimmings, including industrial zippers, adjustable toggles, peekaboo lacing, and mesh overlay. The pop star has never been afraid of unleashing her inner tomboy either, and the oversize motocross-inspired nylon track pants and anoraks were a nice way to push the athleisure trend out of its current spandex comfort zone.

Fenty x Puma Runway show


Fenty x Puma has kept one step ahead, so to speak, thanks in part to shoe designs that think outside the box—‪Rihanna is the first woman to have won Footwear News’s coveted Shoe of the Year award, after all. Her accessories game was more experimental than ever this season: Stiletto thong sandals were finished with chunky surf-style ankle straps; mules came floating on thick Perspex heels; her best-selling creepers were updated with chunky stomper boots; and the new logo fanny packs are likely to be a hit, too. Trainers culture has gained considerable ground in the realm of high fashion, and it’s clear that ‪Rihanna understands the thrill of the chase for new and unexpected footwear across the board.

My favourites I would say are the; Blue, laced up heels, Silver duffle bag and neon green trainers

Silver duffle bag
Blue laced up heels

Here are some of her pieces up close and personal

Salvatore Faragamo Spring Summer Preview

Salvatore Ferragamo is the greatest old-school shoe house of them all, so here, it really paid to focus on the footwear. First impression: Ferragamo’s Paul Andrew is taking a fair stab at the heavily burdened gig of designing shoes in the house founder’s name. His common theme was a column-like heel framed in delicate pillars of gold surrounded in clear Perspex, sometimes set inward below inset-heel sandals, sometimes flush to the ankle on booties and more sandals. The toes tended to be pointy. The uppers featured a lot of double strapping in primary-color leather, some exotic, and a monochrome jacquard used in an ankle boot. There were some colored python boots, too, and a few flat sandals.

There was a series of perforated python looks that would have been just-about okay in a Cavalli reboot. There was a half-hearted tilt at a theme with dresses and knits that featured wide-weave silk scarfing. There was some expensive-looking post-Raf-to-Calvin transparency in the outerwear. And some open-backed, spaghetti-strapped silk dresses were fine enough but generic.

The man this house is built upon was a pioneer who left his country and built a legend through artistry, ingenuity, and grit. To cite some of his most defining clients—Garbo, Bardot, Perón, and Monroe—in the press release served only to emphasize the difference between then and now. Ferragamo is a great house, but greatness should not be taken for granted. It should be built upon.

Boots, slippers, sandals and heels 

, Boots and heels 


Men’s collection