Fendi Cafe- Harrods Review

Hey guys sorry I have gone for a while just took a break to enjoy the summer with loved ones and start planning on some business ventures

so yesterday (Wednesday 28th August) my cousin thought it would be a good idea for us to go and try out the Fendi Cafe in Harrods for lunch, as I had not really been out this summer after giving birth to my beautiful daughter I agreed.

We arrived at Harrods for 3.15pm, as it is a 15minute walk from the main entrance

On the 5th floor by the technology department we got to the restaurant at 3.30pm and was told we would have to wait 30minutes as they are very busy. Quite understandable as it’s “Fendi”plus they do not take reservations so it’s first come first served basis

We finally were given a table at 4pm

I would have to say the decor was aesthetically pleasing, loved the black and white theme, had the Fendi logo nicely decorated

The customer service was lovely, our waiter was extremely kind to interpret the menu to us as it was in Italian, the food was well cooked, I enjoyed my fruit platter apart from the sour apples which was not too my liking but apart from it all

We all enjoyed our meals and would definitely go back.

Part of Fendi’s exclusive summer takeover at Harrods, the FENDI CAFFE is open until Friday 1st November.

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